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Wala naman akong ibang dapat gawin kundi maghintay lang na dumating “siya” sa buhay ko.

I’m getting bad again but I’m too tired to care.

Letter To My Future Lover.

Dearest Future Lover,

I promise I will always love you, I will always be there when you need me. I will look past all your imperfections and insecurities because I will love you for you. I promise I will always make time for you no matter how busy I am, priorities first and you mean everything to me. I will accept your faults and mistakes, I promise you that I will not to ask you to change who you are because you’re perfect just as you are. Your biggest supporter will be me in everything you do. Everyday I will prove all my love to you when we meet and show you that you are the one and only because actions speak louder than words, just me and you babe. I want to be the one who makes you truly happy, put a smile on your face and bring the light in on your darkest day. I will be your best friend, I want you to come to me and trust me with everything and vent your problems because I will always be here to listen to every word you have. I want to cook you your favorite meals, give you breakfast in bed and fix your bath water after a long hard day at work. I will be your doctor on your sick day and give you back rubs. I promise to satisfy all your sexual desires and please you because you deserve it. I want to be the one who kisses you when you don’t feel like yourself and cuddle with you on rainy days. I can’t promise you a perfect relationship because there will be fights, misunderstandings and obstacles we’ll go through but I can promise you despite whatever happens I will be by your side and I will always love you unconditionally.
Maybe we will get married, we can have a few kids and make unforgettable memories. I will show you I am the wife you always dreamed of having. I will be the woman who has qualities like your mother or even better. I promise, I will be the woman you want your daughter to be and the woman you want your son to meet. 
Yours xx

Gusto ko sana mag-long post kaya lang iniisip ko pa lang kung tungkol saan ‘yung i-popost ko  inaantok na ‘ko e. Hahahaha.

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why are teenagers so horny while im just here craving for food 

Lord, kung hindi po siya para sakin. Pwede niyo na po siyang kunin.

foreverawezome asked: Hi. Jessaaaaa! Hahaha.


Close na tayo! Hihihihi

Oo naman! Hahaha. Taga-saan ka pala? :D

- xoxo, Mishi

Ang hirap umamin kasi baka hindi mutual.


Well said.


Well said.